3. SAMPLE Norms, Values, Success Plan

Values and Norms

         Respect everyone

         Use active listening skills

         Be timely/donít miss meetings

         Be accountable for assigned tasks

         Minimize confusion by narrowing focus and scope of project

         Utilize individual strengths for group benefit

         Every voice is important and deserves to be heard

         Donít bickeróit wastes time and interferes with group focus

         Make clear goals to work towards


Ground Rules

         Be honest

         Be open

         Be flexible

         Be committed to the group

         Be present; you should care about the outcome and actively contribute to it

         Accept differences and work together

         Everyone should have input on the initial project idea

         We should create an impactful project that everyone can be excited about

         Complete tasks on time and be prepared for meetings

 This group has been built on egalitarian principles, which is why we feel that it is very important for all of us to be invested in and committed to decisions that we make as a group.  The challenge we face, by creating an atmosphere where every voice is heard, is maintaining balance and focus.  We feel that this focus can be realized by using active listening skills, setting clear goals, assigning specific tasks to individuals, and checking in on those tasks in a way that creates accountability.  Each individualís talents can be capitalized on, to the benefit of the group and our project, by strategically assigning tasks to people who have talent/resources in that area.  As a group we are also very fortunate to have people of very diverse backgrounds who bring different points of view to the table which add greatly to our discussion.  While we value the different points of view and want to hear them, we also recognize that too much rhetoric/bickering can be a distraction and we wish to avoid this.  We are committed to learning and growing together through this experience in our communication skills, our individual roles, and as a group; we believe that our potential together is far greater than our individual potential.  We all want to create an impactful and exciting project that will not only get us a good grade but one that will create awareness and respect in our community for immigrants. 

Though the snow days have put us behind we are determined to overcome the challenge it presents and meet outside of class to clarify the status of our project, set new tasks, and to adjust our timeline while still keeping the project deadline in mind.