Week 1




Mon. Jan 3







No class – New Year holiday


Wed. Jan 5

Introduction to course, students, faculty 

Creating a Common Field in our Classroom through intentionality, shared purpose, story

Individual Listening:
Listening Exercise/So Do You Mean?

Collective Listening:
What’s in a Seminar? / Practice Seminar

Assign Seminar assignment 1 / 2

Levels of Listening

Listening Lecture

Week 2









Mon. Jan 10

READ  Isaacs Chap. 1-4

Bring your seminar paper #1


Introduction to culture and cultural dimensions and cultural  values & worldview


Assign Seminar 2/ paraphrasing


Assign Cultural Interview 1 (Listening as an Act of Love) - Synthesis Due 1/17 (online); final due 1/19

Handouts to read before interview

“Stumbling Blocks to Intercultural Communication” (LaRay Barna)
Active Listening article (Rogers/Farson)



Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment (BIBE): Intro, Power

Wed. Jan 12 (Jane gone)

READ Machavelli, The Prince

WRITE Seminar prep 2


Sample Student Paper (Cultural Interview)

Seminar: Machiavelli
Bring Seminar Paper #2


Video: Seminar for Everyone

Assign Essay 1, Paraphrase Practice

Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment
– Status, and Rank

Week 3








Mon. Jan 17


No Class – Martin Luther King



Post a synthesis of your Cultural Interview on the blog. Email Jane a copy of your picture. Bring your paper plus TWO copies to class on Wednesday.


Pictures from Cultural Interviews


Wed. Jan 19

Cultural Interview 1 DUE (Bring two extra copies to class)

READ Isaacs Chap. 5-7

READ Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

WRITE Seminar prep 3


Seminar: Julius Caesar

BIBE: Rank roles / Adressing model

Developing ideas for essay 1

Week 4

Mon. Jan 24

WRITE Essay 1 Rough Draft/4 copies

READ Parks chap. 1-3

Mini seminar prep: Parks

Seminar: Parks

Essay 1 Small Group Work

Using PIE structure

BIBE: Skill sets, Agent skills



Wed. Jan 26

PREP: Fishbowl Synthesis seminar (Isaacs, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Parks)

Intro to Systems thinking (versus mechanistic thinking) & Adaptive Leadership: Mechanistic and Living Systems;

Concepts of Living Systems and Living Systems & Adaptive Leaders

Essay 1: Thesis Workshop, sentence outline

BIBE: Target skills



Week 5

Mon. Jan 31

WRITE Essay 1, Revised Draft + sentence outline

READ Parks chapters 4-6

Case-In-Point opportunity (for Monday, 2/7) 

Ladder of Inference and Left-Hand Column Communication Tools

Essay 1: Peer Review/ outline work

Film: Frozen River (skills analysis)

Wed.  Feb 2

READ Rusesabagina, An Ordinary Man

WRITE Seminar prep 4

Seminar on Rusesabagina

Assign Cultural Interview 2; sample transcript with "comments"

Empathy Skills; The Sugar Test

Before your cultural interview (due Feb 14):

Watch on Ted.com: Chimamanda Adiche's "Danger of a Single Story"
READ Fran Peavey's Strategic Questioning Manual (ch. 1-3)
and REVIEW Four Levels of Listening (Scharmer)

Film: Frozen River (skills analysis)