Embracing the Future – Leadership for the 21st Century.  Winter 2011

Assignments appear in BOLD on the day they are due.

This schedule may change; check it several times a week.  Listen in class for changes and updates.

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Revised 2/27/11

Week 6








Mon. Feb 7
WRITE Essay 1 Final Due

READ Brisken Intro, Chap. 1-3

Suggested READ Craig Hamilton's A Different Kind of Knowing (lays out the levels of knowing from factual to generative) - will be discussed in class.


Film: Taking Root: Waangari Maathi

Assign Essay 2

Case-In-Point Groups


Wed. Feb 9

READ Course Reader/ Ensler, Berger

WRITE Seminar prep 5

Seminar: Ensler & Berger

WRITE Mid quarter self evaluation

Review SGID

REVIEW Executive Summary of  Otto Scharmer's (MIT) Theory U

Introduce Final Project



Week 7







Mon. Feb 14 -  Valentine's Day Potluck

Judy Gage: Advising

READ: Parks, Chapter 7 (optional)

HAND IN: Cultural Interview 2 (Bring 2 extra copies -- no need to make extra copies of the transcript)

HAND IN: Mid quarter self evaluation

Pick "Swamp" group and have first meeting (project worksheet handout)

Elements of Literature Handout

Work on essay 2


 Wed.  Feb 16  (Jane late to class)

BRING: Essay 2 Rough Draft/ 4 copies
PREP for Fishbowl Synthesis Seminar

LeGuin: an introduction

Essay 2 rough draft work

Synthesis seminar: Rusesabagina, Ensler, Berger, Parks, Brisken, films

LeGuin Assignment Overview




Week 8








Mon. Feb 21


No Class – President’s Day Holiday


READ Brisken Chap. 7-8,  Post a Final Reflection to the blog (see question on blog)

Wed. Feb 23


WRITE Essay 2 Revised Draft

READ LeGuin as assigned

WRITE Seminar prep 6


Essay 2: Peer Review

LeGuin: an introduction

Annotated Bibliography (for researcher in "Swamp" group)

Scharmer PPT

"Swamp" Group time



Week 9

Mon. Feb 28

READ LeGuin, as assigned

WRITE Essay 2 Final (moved to Wed)

READ Isaacs Chap. 10-13


Library Research Visit
Small group presentations - LeGuin



Wed. March 2

READ LeGuin, as assigned

WRITE Essay 2 Final

WRITE Seminar prep 7

Write Peer Reviews of Swamp Group Members
(due 3/7)


Seminar: LeGuin


Final swamp project work & research plan due to Jane, Friday, March 4th)


A little bit about Dynamic Governance or Sociocracy (Jane)


Discussion of Final Deliverables:

Content of Project Notebook, Final Paper & Final Presentations (all due March 21)


1. Individual Papers on Adaptive Leadership (to be handed in separately; 2 copies)


2. Swamp Project Notebook: to include

  • Annotated  Bibliography

  • Summary of Meeting Notes

  • Group norms, roles & timelines/responsibilities

  • Summary of Recommendation of Investigation into a Swamp Issue (what was discovered and adaptive response)

3. Final Oral Presentations (maximum 15 minutes) and Rubric

Week 10

Mon. March 7


READ Isaacs: chapters 16 and 17
Lecture Presentation on Isaacs


Swamp Group Peer Reviews Due 

Service Learning Group presentation

Swamp Group Project Time!


Wed. March 9


Advisor from UW Evening School coming to class at 5:30 pm


READ: Cameron, Daughters of Copper Woman

WRITE: Seminar prep 8

WRITE Reflection Swamp Group Peer Review


Seminar: Cameron

Work on Final Projects & Discuss Group Peer Reviews

Week 11


Mon. March 14

Final Project/Paper: Rough Draft

Annotated Bibliography

Project Time!


Wed. March 16

Final Project Paper: Revised Draft


Grand Synthesis Seminar


Revised draft of all components for peer review and proofing


Essay #3 checklist   


Bibliography checklist


Week 12



Mon. March 21 Celebration and Potluck


DUE: Final Project Notebooks, Individual Papers (2 copies please!) & Final Swamp Project Presentations


Course Evaluations

No work will be accepted after this class