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Heading 2 Place Holder

This is a place holder for content that will be placed on the htm(l) pages that are created from this Master page (master.dwt)  This master page uses CSS style sheets which enable the user to separate the course content from the actual layout of the pages.
To create new pages you need to open the Master.dwt and "save as" newpage.htm. This will then create a page that will have some editable regions as well as non editable regions such your Masthead and navigation.   This is a great time saver as the navigation and associated links, basic page layout and text formatting are all done in this central location.  This enables the user to create new pages based on this template and then plug in only the content needed.

With this Master page the user has the ability to change fonts, colors and layout which will then transfer to all htm(l) pages when the Master is saved. This is a great time saver when the user needs to change a navigation link, done once and all associated pages will be updated.