Beginnings:  Connecting Learning, Identity, and Leadership
Fall 2009

* This schedule is subject to change.  Be alert for updates in class. 


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Week 1





Color Code:

 In Class

    Conceptual Workshop
    Writing Workshop

Seminar Assignment




Order of Reading


Sept 30

In Class
Introduction to course, students, faculty
     Handout: Student Info Sheet


     Building a Productive Learning Community - Inclusive,
     Respectful and Safe

     Paradigm of Classroom as Living System (purposeful
 relational complexity - interdependent, self organizing,
     self regulating, pattern emergence)

     What’s in a Seminar?
     Video:  Seminar for Everybody

     Small Group Framework Sheet


Online Assignment
Creating Safety by Lee Mun Wah
 and post a response
about what creates safety for you (in order that you
can fully engage in this class) and respond to at least
one other post. We will use this list to generate our
class ground rules on Monday.

Week 2






Oct 5

In Class
    Loft Writing Center presentation
    Paraphrasing Workshop

    Handout: Essay #1 - Narrative on Learning
    Stories on Learning
    Concept Workshop: Safety -- Creating Seminar &
          Classroom Norms

    Carl Rogers & Listening Skills -- What's the
          difference between listening and hearing?
          What gets in our way of fully listening to
          another? What can we do to become better


Online Assignment
Dialogic Listening by Wm. Isaacs. Identify which of the four roles you're most comfortable in and what learning goals you are going to set for yourself to explore other areas of dialogic listening skills. Post your response and respond to at least one other post.

Oct 7

In Class

    Concept Workshop: Language as Symbols of
         Meaning -
Creating the Relational Aspect of our
         Class: "So, do you mean...?"

     Film: A Conversation w/Mike Rose

     Seminar on Mike Rose

     Seminar Assessment
     Writing a scene


Seminar Assignment #2: Freire




Week 3








Oct 12

In Class

   Concept Workshop: Voice and Tone and synergy
    in a group

DUE: Essay 1 DRAFT - bring 4 copies of your draft for peer review work in class.

Online Assignment
Strategic Questioning, by Fran Peavey, Chapters 1-3 and 6-8.  Think about and post a strategic question online that you think might take your seminar [or our class as a whole] to a new depth of dialogue and discussion.

Oct 14

In Class

Educational Learning Plan (Judy Gage/Advisor)
Case Study 1 (revised) - Using the Left -Hand Column Protocol to Investigate Our Assumptions and Listening Skills
 (sample) (evaluation criteria)
Power & Status presentation
Seminar on Freire

Seminar Reflection

Begin to prepare for fishbowl seminar next Wed (10/21)

More work on Essay #1 (structure, Q&A, choosing a title)





Week 4







Oct 19

In Class  
Listening as a Practice of Cultivating Empathy

Listening Notes


Online Assignment:

Complete the
Listening Survey and respond online about any discoveries and thoughts about new communication goals for yourself as a result .

Oct 21

In Class

  Assign Essay 2: Analysis

  Synthesis fishbowl seminar (Rose, Freire, Peavey)


  Handout - Seminar #3: WISE

Read: Wise, White Like Me

Week 5







Oct 26

Introduction to Culture and Multicultural Communication 

Working on Essay 2: Developing thoughtful questions
Agent Skills

Literature Elements


Online Assignment:

Complete the Multicultural Competency "Continuum of Progress" by assigning a numerical value for each of the seven indicators. Post some discoveries and insights about yourself as a multicultural communicator after completing the rubric.

Oct 28

Target Skills
MonoCultural and Multicultural Competency

Seminar on Tim Wise

Box of Convention


Seminar #4: Alexie

Mid-quarter Self Evaluation


DUE: Seminar #3 WISE
READ: Alexie, Absolutely True Diary




Week 6







Nov 2


Day of the Dead Potluck and Altar

Small group work on essay 2

Nonverbal Communication: Cultural Variances

Essay 2: Rough Draft

Bring: Potluck to share; Altar items

Nov 4

Seminar: Alexie
Seminar protocol

More on Cultures: What is a world view?

Case Study #2 handout

Strong Verbs Handout

PIE and Thesis Handout


DUE: Alexie seminar paper

DUE: Mid-Quarter Self Evaluation



Week 7









Nov 9

Essay 2: Peer editing


Synthesis fishbowl seminar: Wise, Alexie, Frozen River… (If you're not sure which you're working on, ask Jane or Margot)


Seminar Paper #5: Beals


DUE: Essay 2: Revised Draft

Nov 11




Week 8







Nov 16


Four Levels of Listening/ Example of Awareness

Cultural Guide & Exploration Exercise

Review of Agent/Target Skills

DUE: initial plan for Case Study 2


DUE: Essay 2: FINAL

Online: Peggy McIntosh Article - Read and respond online as an example of awareness

Nov 18

Assign Essay 3


Nine Learning Tasks of Collective Leadership

Small Group Rubric/Scoring Guide

Seminar: M. P. Beals

Presentation by Elinor Appel, NSCC Librarian, on research skills for information literacy

Library Research on Cultures: Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Ethiopia, Canada 


DUE: Beals seminar paper

Week 9







Nov 23


READ: hooks handout (Shambala Sun)

DUE: hooks seminar paper
Seminar: bell hooks (handout)

Seminar handout: LeGuin

Literature Elements

DUE: CASE STUDY 2/Case Study Rubric







Week 10








Nov 30


Essay 3: Small group work



DUE: Essay 3, Rough Draft

Dec 2


More Work on Thesis Statements and MLA Citation
Seminar: LeGuin 


DUE: LeGuin seminar paper
Collective Leadership Exercise: The World Cafe

Online Resources
World Cafe:



Effective Questioning: 

Stimulates creativity

Motivates fresh thinking

Surfaces underlying assumptions

Focuses intention, attention, and energy

Opens the door to change

Leads us into the future
from "The Art of Powerful Questions" by Eric Vogt, Joanna Brown and David Isaacs




Week 11








Dec 7

Read article on Dr. Martha Kanter, undersecretary of education in context of what we created in class in our World Cafe dialogue: 


Here's a summary of our World Cafe dialogue/discovery


What form is emerging from this dialogic and collective process that we want to share with other leaders?


Essay 3, Peer editing

DUE: Essay 3, Revised Draft
Final Self Evaluation

Online Resources
Another Collective Leadership Resource to look at if you want -- we'll discuss in class:
Dr. C. Otto Scharmer's (MIT) Theory U:


Dec 9


Synthesis fishbowl seminar: Beals, hooks, LeGuin…

Due: Revised Case Study #2

Capstone Projects What did we create?

Week 12







Dec 14 – Last Class

Potluck, course evaluations…

Seminar: Le Guin Addendum 

DUE: FInal Essay 3: (bring two copies)

DUE: Final self-evaluation




Have a great winter break!


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