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Students Start Your Class!  Fall 2016

Instructions for Registered Students: Locate your course from the listing below.  Use the link provided for Instructor Information to contact your instructor and introduce yourself. To access your course click on the Go to Class link. If your course uses a Virtual Classroom ie. Canvas,  clicking on the link will give you information to access your classroom.  

If your course has any on campus meetings or tests check the North Schedule for dates and times.

e-Learning courses require active participation and students need to log into their classes or communicate with their instructor by email no later than the second day of the quarter  to avoid getting behind or being dropped from the course. 

If you are new to e-Learning please click here for more information about North's e-Learning program and for links to resources for students.  




Computer Science

Environmental Science


Health & Human Services
Human Development


Information Technology
International Business





Parent Education
Political Science

Real Estate


Social Science Resources

Item Course Accounting  Instructor Information Class Information Go to Class
9400 ACCT 110 D2 Introduction to Accounting/Bookkeeping I Staff Accounting Canvas  
9402 ACCT 120 D1 Introduction to Accounting/Bookkeeping II Staff Accounting   Canvas  
9406 ACCT 131 D1 Quickbooks Staff Accounting   Canvas  
9408 ACCT& 201 D1 Principles of Accounting I Staff Accounting   Canvas
9410 ACCT& 202 D1 Principles of Accounting II Staff Accounting   Canvas
9412 ACCT& 203 D1 Principles of Accounting III Staff Accounting Canvas  
9414 ACCT 251 D1 Intermediate Accounting I Staff Accounting Canvas  
9416 ACCT 255 D2 Individual Income Tax Staff Accounting Canvas
9418 ACCT 256 D1 Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships Staff Accounting Canvas  
9420 ACCT 260 D1 Peachtree Accounting Staff Accounting Canvas  
9424 ACCT 261 D1 Accounting Info. Systems Staff Accounting Canvas  
9426 ACCT 267 D1 Not for Profit Financial Mangement Staff Accounting Canvas
9428 ACCT 272 D1 Fraud Examination Staff Accounting Canvas  
9430 ACCT 275 D1 Auditing Staff Accounting Canvas
9486 BIOL 125 D1 Biology of the Pacific NW E Goulet Biology Canvas  
9434 BUS& 101 D1 Introduction to Business J Braden Business Canvas
9436 BUS 118 D1 Project Management Intro W Holt Business Canvas
9438 BUS 124 D1 Excel for Business W Holt Business Canvas
9440 BUS 169 D1 Using Computers in Business B Campbell Business Canvas
9442 BUS& 201 D1 Business Law L Hopt Business Canvas
9446 BUS 236 D3 Interpersonal Communications in the Workplace J Braden Business Canvas  
9490 CHEM& 131 D1 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry J Owens Chemistry Canvas  
9492 CHEM& 139 D1 General Chemistry Preparation J Owens Chemistry Canvas  
9644 CMST& 230 D1 Small Group Communication J Reis Communication Canvas  
    Computer Science        
9496 CSC 110 D1 Introduction to Computer Programming D Jinguji Computer

9500 CSC 111 D1 Computers for Math & Science D Schaffer Computer
9504 CSC 142 D1 Computer Programming I B Goldner


    Early Childhood Education        
9344 CCE 200 D1 Children and Nature J Karshna Child Ed. Canvas  
9508 ECON& 201 D1 Microeconomics T Cook Economics facweb  
9512 ECON& 202 D1 Macroeconomics T Cook Economics facweb
9620 ENGL& 101 D1 Composition I J Clapp English Canvas  
9622 ENGL& 101 D2 Composition I D Blackman English Canvas  
9626 ENGL& 102 D1 Composition II T Chung English Canvas  
9628 ENGL& 102 D2 Composition II Staff English Canvas  
9630 ENGL& 111 D1 Introduction to Literature T Heinlein English Canvas
    Environmental Science        
9516 ENVS& 100 D1 Survey of Environmental Science B Saunders Environmental
9518 GEOL& 101 D1 Physical Geology M Harrell Geology Canvas
Health and Human Services
9370 AMA 100 D2 Introduction to Health Care F Mooney Med Assisting Canvas  
9336 AMA 117 D1 Medical Terminology S Waram Med Assisting Canvas  
9338 AMA 117 D2 Medical Terminology S Chai Med Assisting Canvas  
9372 AMA 118 D2 DX and Path for Medical  Asst. M Allen Med Assisting Canvas  
9374 AMA 119 D2 A & P for Medical Asst. M Allen Med Assisting Canvas  
    Health & Human Sexuality        
9522 HEA 150 D1 Health & Human Sexuality T Root Health Canvas  
9572 HIST& 126 D1 World Civilizations I S Rausch History Canvas  
9576 HIST& 146 D1 US History I: to 1800 C Borges History Canvas  
    Human Development        
9334 HDC 100 D1 Career Planning and Personal Evaluation J Mao Human Dev. Canvas  
    Information Technology        
9460 IT 111 D1 Internet and Web Authoring Using HTML5 J Kent Info Tech Canvas  
9462 IT 122 D1 Network Operating Sys - PT 1 Staff Info Tech Canvas  
9464 IT 124 D1 Network Operating Sys - PT 2 Staff Info Tech Canvas  
9466 IT 128 D1 Network Operating Sys - PT 4 Staff Info Tech Canvas  
9468 IT 150 D1 IT Security + Staff Info Tech Canvas  
9484 INFO 180 WOL Research for the 21st Century WA-Online Lib. Research Canvas  
9524 MATH 081 D1 Basic Math Skills M Gaul Math facweb  
9528 MATH 084 D1 Algebra I M Gaul Math facweb  
9532 MATH 085 D1 Algebra II M Gaul Math facweb  
9536 MATH 090 D1 Mathematical Modules D Li Math facweb
9538 MATH 097 D1 Elementary Algebra Staff Math Math Div  
9540 MATH 098 D1 Intermediate Algebra D Brannan Math Canvas  
9542 MATH& 107 D1 Math in Society Staff Math Math Div  
9544 MATH& 116 D1
Applying Math to Mgt, Life & Social Science Staff Math Math Div
9546 MATH& 146 D2 Introduction to Statistics P Kurose Math Math Div  
9639 MUSC 110 D1 Introduction to World Music B Palmer Music Canvas  
9640 MUSC 113 D1 Music in the U.S. B Palmer Music Canvas  
9548 NTR 150 D1 Human Nutrition J Learn Nutrition Canvas  
9550 NTR 150 D2 Human Nutrition J Learn Nutrition Canvas
9552 NTR 150 D3 Human Nutrition Staff Nutrition Canvas
9554 OCEA& 101 D1 Introduction to Oceanography with Lab G Jones Oceanography Canvas  
    Parent Education        
9085 FAM 149 85 2nd Parent Child study /Lab K Becker Parent Ed. Canvas  
9350 FAM 180 D1 Special Topics for Parents M Mulcahy Parent Ed. Canvas  
9352 FAM 181 D1 Star Parenting E Crary Parent Ed. Canvas  
9582 PHIL 101 D1 Introduction to Philosophy S Condit Philosophy Canvas  
9584 PHIL& 120 D1 Symbolic Logic O Vishnyakova Philosophy Canvas  
Political Science  
9596 POLS& 202 D1 American Government J Lane Pol. Science Canvas  
9598 POLS& 202 D2 American Government J Lane Pol. Science Canvas  
9600 PSYC& 100 D1 General Psychology R Atkins Psychology Canvas  
9602 PSYC& 100 D2 General Psychology R Atkins Psychology Canvas
9604 PSYC& 100 D2 General Psychology B Holt Psychology Moodler  
9606 PSYC& 200 D1 Lifespan Psychology A Culligan Psychology Canvas  
9608 PSYC& 200 D2 Lifespan Psychology L Ecke Psychology Canvas  
9614 PSYC 230 D1 Human Sexuality K Kuwada Psychology Canvas  
    Real Estate        
9470 RES 100 D1 Real Estate Fundamentals N Adelson Real Estate Canvas  
9471 RES 110 D1 Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Staff Real Estate Canvas  
9473 RES 140 D1 R.E. Sales and Practices Staff Real Estate Canvas  
9616 SOC& 101 D1 Introduction to Sociology Staff Sociology Canvas
9619 SOC 230 D1 Human Sexuality K Kuwada Sociology Canvas
     Social Science Resources        
9650 SSC 101 D1 Intro to Information for Resources in Social Science A Villar Social Science Resources Canvas  
9651 SSC 101 DZ2 Intro to Information for Resources in Social Science A Villar Social Science Resources Canvas  
9562 SSC 101 DZ5 Intro to Information for Resources in Social Science A Villar Social Science Resources Canvas  


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