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Summer Quarter Hybrid Classes: 2016 Schedule

Instructions for Registered Students

  • If you plan to use on-campus computers in the labs, create your NetID account (see below)
  • Hybrid courses are partly on campus and partly online.  You will be meeting with your instructor on campus on a regular schedule.  Your instructor will be able to provide you with information regarding your course - the class web site and any login information required.  For technical support you can contact NeLSC on campus or by email.
  • Then access your course by clicking on the link in the Go to Class column. This will give you important information about accessing your virtual classroom and courseware.
  • Before beginning your class please complete our Demographic Survey if you have not already done so.
  • For information about on campus class schedule (meeting days, times and rooms) please click on the Class Info. link column and locate your class in the North Seattle Online schedule. 
  • Instruction Calendar: Listing of the school's calendar and events.

NetID Account!
Please take this time to set up your NetID user account. 

NetID enables your access to on-campus computers. Your NetID comes with up to 100MB of storage space that you can use to store class work, research or any kind of electronic data. This storage space comes with a "www folder" that allows students to store work (documents, spread sheets, power points or html) that is viewable on the web. NetID also provides students with applications (email, calendar and document creation).  These applications can be accessed at the link above. The login for "Google Apps" is the same as your net ID.

Please note: Your NetID login is not the same as for any courseware used in your classroom. 

Hybrid Classes (H) for more information please see the Modes of Study page. 

("Fuel-Efficient") classes involve significant on-campus work as well as online learning. Most classes have at least one on-campus meeting per week along with online communication and content elements. The amount of each may vary from week to week. 

Item   Course Instructor Class Info. Go to
4016 ACCT& 202 H2N H Principles of  Accounting II Staff Accounting Canvas
      Architectural Engineering
5102 TDR 103 H1N H Energy Analysis for BIM S Simmons TDR Canvas
5104 TDR 111 H1N H Basic Cad Drafting/ Design & Construction S Simmons TDR Canvas
5108 TDR 112 H1N H Inter. Cad Drafting/ Design & Construction N Carlstrom TDR Canvas
1042 ART 210 H2 H Digital and Graphic Art B Choi Art Canvas
2021 BIOL& 160 H4 H General Biology w/Lab M Stockbridge Biology Canvas
2055 BIOL& 241 H1 H Human A& P I M Robinson Biology Canvas
2099 BIOL& 241 H10 H Human A & P 1 M Sargizi Biology Canvas
2145 BIOL& 242 H10 H Human A & P 2 H Alamillo Biology Canvas
4134 BUS& 201 H2N H Business Law L Hopt Business Canvas

2265 CHEM& 162 H4 H General Chemistry
W/Lab I
J Hong Chemistry Start Class
2275 CHEM& 163 H4 H General Chemistry
W/Lab I
J Hong Chemistry Start Class
1102 CMST 205 H8 H Multicultural Communication J Reis Comm. Canvas
2311 CSC 142 H9 H Computer Programming  I B Barry Computer Science Canvas
0012 CWE 110 H1 H Internship C Thompson Internships Canvas
0014 CWE 495 H2 H Baccalaureate Internship C Thompson Internships Canvas
       Childhood Education      
6001 ECED& 105 H1 H Introduction to ECE S Dolan ECED Canvas
6003 ECED& 107 H1 H Health Safety & Nutrition N Daniel ECED Canvas
6005 ECED& 120 H1 H Nurturing Relationships S Dolan ECED Canvas
6007 EDUC& 115 H1 H Practicum: Nurturing Relation. Staff ECED Canvas
6101 ECE 320 H3 H Creative Expression S Dolan ECE Canvas
6103 ECE 350 H3 H Practicum: Interactions S Dolan ECE Canvas
6105 ECE 355 H3 H Anti-Bias Education S Dolan ECE Canvas
2325 ECON& 201 H2 H Micro Economics D Perry Economics Start Class
      Electronic Technology      
5334 EET 108 H1N H Intro to Fiber Optics T Huston Electronics Canvas
5340 EET 131 H1N H IT Essentials L A+ Cert A Dole Electronics Canvas
5348 EET 160 H1N H Introduction to Electricity & Electronics C Sanders Electronics Canvas
      English As Second Language      
1411 ESL 059 H1 H Medical On Ramp to I Best S Chai ESL Canvas
3245 HIST& 214 H2 H Pacific NW History  C Borges History Canvas
      Informational Technology      
5608 IT 125 H1N H Using  SQL & SQL Server B Barry Information Technology Canvas
      Medical Assisting      
6601 AMA 230 H1 H Medical Office Management M Crichton Med Assist Canvas
6603 AMA 233 H1 H Diagnostic Procedures P Larson Med Assist Canvas
6605 AMA 234 H1 H Phlebotomy P Larson Med Assist Canvas
6607 AMA 236 H1 H Credentials F Mooney Med Assist Canvas
6609 AMA 250 H1 H Medication Administration F Mooney Med Assist Canvas
6611 AMA 290 H3 H MA Externship F Mooney Med Assist Canvas
2413 MATH 080 H10 H Preparatory Mathematics Staff Math Start Class
2845 NTR 150 H9 H Human Nutrition T Stilson Nutrition Canvas
2909 PHYS& 114 H4 H General Physics I w/Lab D Eyres Physics Canvas
      Political Science      
3360 POLS 203 H3 H International Relations R Olguin Pol. Science Canvas
      Real Estate      
4347 RES 298 H3N H Special Projects-Real Estate C Odahl Real Estate Canvas
4348 RES 298 H4N H Special Projects-Real Estate G Albertini Real Estate Canvas