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Hybrid Classes @ North Seattle Virtual College

This page introduces our Hybrid Class options. For more information about our Virtual College use the links above.  For information about Hybrid Classes offered at North Seattle go to the links below. With changes happening daily, don't forget to Reload This Page each time you visit!

Get Started with your course:

Attend class on the first day of the quarter. Hybrid Mode requires regular face to face on campus meetings, usually on a weekly basis as well as time spent online.  Your instructor will give you information about any courseware used and login information. Your instructor is also the best resource for class information such as Class Web address, syllabus or assignments.  If your course uses a publisher web site or an LMS other than Canvas your instructor is the best resource for assistance with access problems. 

NeLSC staff can provide support for Canvas as well as give students an orientation to online learning. Online skills such as email, uploading assignments and entering in online discussions are often required when taking a hybrid class. 

Does your class use Canvas Courseware?
Please note: Canvas accounts are available the Friday before the first day of the quarter. 

If your course uses Canvas please follow this link to the login page. North Seattle Canvas.
Your User name for Canvas is your full Student ID number and your initial Password is the first 6 letters of your last name (less than six? repeat your last name until you reach six letters.)