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About North Seattle e-Learning and Support Center (NeLSC)

North Seattle College (NSC) proudly offers both credit and non-credit e-Learning courses that require few (if any) on-campus visits. Online courses use computer technologies that translate traditional classroom instruction into learning in new and innovative ways. Classes are designed to provide close interaction with instructors when and where it best serves student needs. E-Learning classes, however they utilize technology (see Modes of Study), are rigorous and cover the same material as on-campus classes. Most of North Seattle e-Learning courses start at the beginning of the quarter and end at the same time as on-campus courses.  Credits earned through online courses are transferable and appear on transcripts just like any other class.

Why learn at North Seattle College?

We offer over 100 different e-Learning courses and you can complete your A.A. degree through convenient online classes. Our e-Learning students have been very successful as evidenced by the fact that North Seattle Community College has one of the highest student completion rates of all community colleges in Washington State. Each e-Learning class is designed by the instructor who is teaching it and the "virtual classroom" closely blends with each instructor's own teaching style. Students give our classes high marks in our anonymous surveys and students recommend them to our other students.

How the Virtual College began.

North Seattle's Virtual College is an outgrowth of a concept originally developed and implemented by the "Virtual Running Start Design Team" in 1996. NSCC's president (Constance Rice), Dean of Continuing Education (Katherine Riley), and former Distance Learning Manager (Parker Lindner) led the effort to provide high school students the chance to conveniently incorporate college classes into their education. This project was sponsored by the US West Foundation. In the past several years student enrollment in Virtual College classes has seen a steady growth of about 20% every quarter. North Seattle e-Learning is a convenient and Green way to get an education that will fit into your schedule and commitments. 

NeLSC (North's e-Learning Support Center) will help you to succeed! 

Distance Learning is not for everyone. The classes are not easier than traditional on campus classes. Often they require additional self-motivation and discipline. However, we will provide you with guidance through the e-Learning aspects of your experience. For technical help or an orientation to an unfamiliar aspect of your courseware, contact NeLSC Office by email at or call us by phone at (206) 934-3738. 

(NeLSC office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM: messages or email left after hours will be answered the next business day)

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