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Fees, Books and Media

Tuition for credits:   Resident students pay the same tuition for e-Learning classes as other classes but, there are additional fees for technical support or for the use of proprietary courseware or licensing fees.  There is also a special rate for non resident e-Learners.  It is only available to students who seek approval from the Admissions/Registration Office after registering, but before paying tuition. All others will be charged the regular academic or vocational non-resident amount.

Online course fees: For most online classes, students are required to pay an e-Learning support (UD) fee.   Some primarily online classes may require a computer lab (CL) fee if some on-campus classroom sessions meet and use a computer lab room.  For hands on lab science classes there is a combined e-Learning fee and lab fee (KJ) required.

Video-media fees and options: Depending on the specific course Video-media for e-learning classes may be viewed for free in the campus library, rented for the quarter in VHS format or purchased from the bookstore in DVD format.   Students may have the option to video stream this media online with a broadband connection.

Video rental sets should be ordered in advance by calling (206) 527-3611 and must be returned at the end of the quarter.  Video rentals require a receipt of payment from the cashier.  (Late return fees or lost tape fees will be applied). For more information about Media rental procedures please go to North Seattle Library borrowing policies and procedures.

Other fees Online courses using specific e-Learning resources have special fees, such as the licensing (KF) fee when Academic Systems or Plato software is utilized.

The access (KI) fee applies for an online class requiring access to an online textbook.
Please note: by purchase of the e-book a student is granted the rights to one and only one copy, which can be read on-line, downloaded to one computer, captured on one CD, or printed onetime. If you would like to download and print the e-book in one of the computer labs on campus please confirm with the lab how many pages may be printed.

Wireless connection:
If you are a current student at North with Net ID and you have a computer with a wireless connection you will be able to connect to the internet on campus for free. For more information about Wireless connection please go to

Specific fee amounts are listed in the Fee Table.

Books:  Textbooks and course materials for most e-Learning courses are available to purchase and obtain through several methods:
In-Person:   You may come to North Seattle Community College's Campus Bookstore (affiliated with Barnes and Noble) and purchase your textbooks directly. Click the link for more information and bookstore hours. 
Order Online for Delivery:  Specific textbooks and their costs for our Virtual College classes are listed at the Online Bookstore web site.  You may visit the Online Campus Bookstore and purchase your books online (or print out and send in the order form to purchase by mail). 

For state-wide Washington Online courses, textbook information must be obtained through the Washington Online web site.    Please Note: Delivery of textbooks via UPS ground may take two weeks to be delivered.


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