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NeLSC Student Information and Help Desk

North Seattle e-Learning Information for Current and New Students:

Frequently Ask Questions:

This includes information for students new to e-Learning, registered e-Learning students and on campus students who may be taking a web enhanced course. 

Student Information Map:

This includes information on college requirements such as fees, tuition, registration and student resources.  There is also information regarding college policies and practices.

  • NeLSC collects information from students to help us better serve our learners needs.  For results of these surveys please follow this link to Reports generated from previously collected data.
  • North's Student Handbook helps students and employees recognize behavioral parameters and institutional procedures and policies. (Please refer to page 22 of the Student Handbook for information about acceptable conduct)

Technical Resource Map:

  • NeLSC also offers online technical support in the form of tutorials and links to resources for online students as well as computer requirements for taking an e-Learning course. 
  • If you are using Canvas LMS please also check NeLSC Canvas and Panopto Lecture Capture help.  You will find valuable information on using both Canvas and Panopto.

To discuss courses and options with an academic advisor and/or to enroll in a North Seattle e-Learning class:

  • An academic advisor can help you decide which courses meet your needs and fulfill requirements for your specific educational goals.  Please go to North Seattle Advising for more information.
  • You can reach the North Seattle Advising office by phone at 206.934-3658
  • or email the e-Learning Academic Advisor at
  • For information about applying and enrolling in courses visit the North Seattle website.
  • If you live beyond the Seattle region or you are a student at either Seattle Central or South Seattle and you wish to enroll in an e-Learning course offered at North Seattle, you can find out more information by going to

Help with computers:  technical problems, on campus computer resources, troubleshooting access issues to your courses

  • For technical help with your e-Learning courseware or  please follow this link to our Technical Resource Map.  This offers online tutorials and information regarding the most frequently recognized computer and courseware technical issues and questions. 
  • If you do not find an answer to your specific question please contact NeLSC either by phone 206.934-3738, by email or by dropping in during business hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday) Please note: emails and calls sent after business hours will be answered the next business day.  NeLSC is located on the North Seattle Campus. Our offices are on campus, one door south of the Library main entrance in LB 2237
  • North Seattle has two open computer labs, in the library on the second floor and on the third floor of the IB building.  For hours and locations visit the NSCC Computer Labs page.  NetID is required to use the computers in the lab, for more information about NetID see below.   The Computer Lab staff can answer questions related to on campus computers and NSCC based internet accounts and connections.    
  • If you need assistance regarding off campus internet connections that NeLSC has not been able to help with you must contact your local Internet Service Provider. 
  • If you are attempting to access your course on a secure network and are unable to connect you need to contact your network administrator for help.
  • If you are attempting to use a wireless connection that is not a personal provider such as at an internet cafe and you are unable to connect you need to contact their provider.   

If you plan to use computers on campus you will need to get a North Seattle NetID account.

For a campus NetID account that will allow access to computers in classrooms and computer labs go to this link to set up your account.  This ID is available to all registered students and is required to use campus computers.  It also provides students with 100 MB of storage.

In addition to computer access NetID also gives students access to "Google Apps" which providers the user with an email account, document apps as well as the ability to share information with others from onsite or offsite. 

Sign up for Campus Alerts:  This system will let you know when something on Campus will effect you such as snow closures.

Need help with Financial Aid?

The NeLSC office does not have the authorization to sign Financial Aid or attendance forms.  We recommend you contact your instructor by email after you have logged in to your course.  Your instructor will then email the financial aid office with verification of your attendance.  If your course has an orientation meeting you can have your instructor sign the form at that time.

If you need to contact the Financial Aid office for specific information:

To Ask Distance Learning Question Great or Small:

  • Contact NeLSC office by email:
  • Phone us at 206.934.3738 (Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM messages or emails sent after this time will be answered the next business day.  If a question is sent after 5:00PM on Friday you will receive a response on the following Monday)
  • Our offices are on campus, one door south of the Library main entrance. LB 2237
  • You can also fax us at 206.934.3984

Tom Braziunas: Director of e-LearningTom Braziunas: Associate Dean of e-Learning

e-Learning Staff:

Kathleen Chambers: Instructional Designer
Carol Howe: e-Learning Support Technician
Terre O'Malley: Program Coordinator
Office Staff: Joanne Fall, Toby Thompson

We likely cannot answer every question regarding your home computer setup.  However, we will endeavor to answer technical questions regarding your computer  and how to make it work with our e-Learning course tools.

For specific questions regarding your particular class content, course work and requirements to complete assignments and exams you need to contact your instructor.  Your instructor is your most important resource regarding questions about your class.  Your instructor is also your best resource for support with text book web sites or LMS such as Moodle.

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