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Inclement Weather and Campus closures

North Closure Process  

Between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., if conditions warrant, the night custodial crew is contacted and asked to make recommendations regarding conditions on campus. This is followed by a conversation with security personnel regarding a survey of area streets for conditions. This information, along with weather forecasts and other available information, is taken into consideration. If the college schedule is to be adjusted, the Public Information Office is contacted and asked to provide information to the college community. The media and district policies allow us to make announcements of an emergency or closure only. Notification of being open is not permitted. 

You may check for this information several ways – see links below

  •   On the top of the college homepage:

  •   On the School Report Web site:
    Go to the “Colleges ” heading at the left side of the screen and then go to North Seattle Community College.

  •   Radio and TV news outlets will announce closures or delays which are listed on the School Reports website.

  •   Via Text Message or Email for those signed up for Campus Alerts. To subscribe to Campus Alerts,  go to:

  •   By calling (206) 934-3600 – the main college phone number, for a recorded message (You may get a busy signal if too many people call in at the same time).

  •   Lead stories section on North’s homepage: (see News at North)

  •   Facebook – the official college Facebook page:

Because of circumstances such as loss of electrical power, not all of these lines of communication may be available in every emergency situation. 

To subscribe to receive e-mails and/or text messages to your personal e-mail account or cell phone through the district’s Campus Alert system, please visit Your college e-mail address should automatically receive these alerts.

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