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"HOW TO" Tutorials giving step by step screen captures in ppt file.  These include video demonstrations as well.

A Quick Introduction to Getting Started with ANGEL    

Check out a sample ANGEL classroom with tutorials by signing into
the Week Zero class.

For Academic Accommodations: https://northseattle.edu/disability-services
ANGEL Accessibility Menu - Please note the accessibility options available in ANGEL by looking to the bottom of the System Tools located in the lower Left margin of your screen and clicking on the little blue button showing a little person on it and is labeled "508".

ANGEL Accessibility Technical Support -

ANGEL 8 Upgrade:

One result of the September 9th update of ANGEL, is that a message about accepting cookies is popping up at first login. Please click the Agree button to get past this message. Cookies should only be allowed for the angel.northseattle site and should not harm your computer. If you are having trouble getting pages to display, please clear your browser cache and try again.Here are instructions for clearing the cache in both Internet Explorer and FireFox.

This weekend’s update should now allow for both Chrome and Safari browsers to work with ANGEL, as well as providing a more robust grading rubric for discussion forums and a selective release option for drop boxes. The System Check nugget will still show Safari and Chrome as being unsupported browsers, but that should be updated soon as well.

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