Integrated Studies: Discover the Interdisciplinary Nature of Knowledge
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In 2012-13, many of our coordinated studies programs will explore North's Year of Learning theme: Crossing Borders. From literal borders dividing nation states, to societal boundaries and inequities, to the hybridity of borderlands in arts, in identities, in ethnicities, to the permeable borders of eco-systems and life forms, Crossing Borders invites a rich array of questions and investigations!


"The seminar was the chance to discuss thoughts and ideas openly without being laughed at.  It was nice to be able to bring an idea to the group and have everyone take it seriously.   It made me realize that not all my ideas are ignorant and uninspired.  In the future it will be easier to speak my mind.  The seminar also taught me to look deeper into everything."

                                          ---NSCC coordinated studies student