NSCC students and faculty members Ann Murkowski (Biology) and Kalyn Owens (Chemistry)
from the "Atoms to Ecosystems" linked course in 2007 present their research poster
at the "Posters on the Hill" Symposium in Washington D.C.

Why take an Integrated Studies course?

Students have the opportunity to explore a central theme from different disciplines; form safe, respectful learning communities; engage with other students in lively discussion seminars, and more ... 

Integrated Studies courses have added benefits: Employers tell us that they seek employees who can think critically about complex issues/problems and get along with diverse people and perspectives.  The student-led seminars provide students with an opportunity to critically examine their own assumptions, be open to other's ways of seeing and knowing, learn to explore a complex issue from multiple perspectives (disciplines), and participate in a diverse community of learners.

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