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Introduction:  International Trade Certificate

The International Trade Certificate Program begins
with these two essential courses.
BUS 215
Introduction to International Business
International business refers to the trade and investment activities by companies and individuals across national borders.  Inherent in international business is the globalization of markets: the ongoing economic integration and growing interdependency of countries  and cultures worldwide. 

Any discussion of  international business must  include importing - buying products from abroad and making them available to the domestic market, as well as exporting - manufacturing products in one country and selling them to a different country.  Take a look at your clothes, your shoes, your cell phone, or your I-pod;  where in the world was each item manufactured?

Rapidly changing technology and competitive advantage allow consumers a wide range of choices, on both a local and a global scale.  International business focuses on those choices.

BUS 245
Global Marketing
  The global marketplace is ubiquitous, multicultural, and complex.  It is at once local, national, and international.  As consumers, we identify, embrace, and purchase products that fulfill our needs, excite our senses, and pique our curiosity in ways that are calculated to elicit a desired response. 

Global marketing seeks to make a broad appeal to the individual consumer, whether in Albania or Zimbabwe, meeting the needs and satisfying the wants of the global citizen in disparate cultures around the world. 

This course will examine the many facets of global marketing and its impact on the global consumer in an era of unmatched consumer awareness and heightened cultural identity.

Verna Swanljung

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