North Seattle College
Employee Climate Survey
February 2015

Thank you for taking a few minutes to respond to this anonymous survey focusing on several key aspects of our campus climate.  The information you have provided in previous years’ surveys has helped us identify and implement several ways to improve our working environment. Likewise, the input your provide in this year’s survey will help guide ongoing efforts to create and strengthen a supportive, inclusive environment for all employees.  The survey will be available through Monday, February 23rd.  Results will be reported in summary form only.  Thank you for your participation.

President Warren Brown


Following each question is a "Comments" box.  Please use this space for additional information, questions, or suggestions regarding each item.

1. How satisfied are you with the spirit of cooperation across campus?
2. How satisfied are you with the extent to which your suggestions are heard and acted upon?
3. How satisfied are you that resources are adequate for faculty, staff and administrative support?
4. How satisfied are you with the extent to which the college supports your professional development?
5. In your experience, how hospitable is the campus environment to all persons?  That is, to what extent is the environment free of discrimination or harassment of any kind related to race or ethnicity, color, age, national origin, religion, marital status, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation or belief, citizenship status, or presence of any physical, sensory, or mental disability.
6. How physically safe do you feel on campus?
7. How safe do you feel in other ways on campus (e.g., in ways other than physical)?
8. How much pride do you feel being an employee of North Seattle College?
Your responses to the following questions will help us understand whether the campus environment is experienced the same or differently by different groups within our community.  Please remember that your responses are completely voluntary.  You may omit any question.
10. Gender
11. Race/Ethnicity (Please see related question that follows.)
12. Employee Type
13. Number of years employed at NSCC
Thank you for your time and your responses.
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